Styling Your Workspace with the Lateral File Cabinets

A lateral file cabinet offers a lot of perks as compared to vertical filing cabinets. Solidly built with style and volume in mind, these cabinets can store huge volumes of paperwork with less flooring space. Plus, they offer a more effective viewing space as contrary to stacking up units in vertical file cabinets.

lateral file cabinets

Lateral cabinets are regular utility furniture pieces. They comprise of two or more drawers resembling a standard dresser. The files are stacked side by side inside. The lateral filing cabinets come in various sizes with flexible functionalities due to high end inserts which can be operated either way.

The well built structure offers easy operation for the users

The lateral file cabinets store the files side by side rather than in piles. When the files are stored side by side, it becomes convenient to browse through the paperwork. The spacious drawers offer better view and easy accessibility. This feature becomes all the more useful in limited spaces where there is no room for further expansion.

Convenient for institutions with large paperwork

The lateral file cabinets can hold a large number of files, documents, paperwork and other essentials. Thus, these are the ideal furnishing utility for

·         The academic institutes,

·         The law enforcement organisations,

·         The legal offices

·         The hospitals

·         The government offices etc.

Depending on the preference, this office furniture can have two or more drawers which can be stacked side by side as per the need.

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The features of lateral file cabinets

A lateral file cabinet has many convenient features which make these cabinets easy to use and handle. Several models include adjustable or counterbalanced drawers. These settings help the cabinet in being stable when all the drawer panels are opened. The taller models are made with unique mechanisms which allow only one drawer to open at a time. This gives added security to confidential data files.

There are other options available as well. These include the double walled or reinforced lateral filing cabinets which guarantee that the furniture retains its shape for long time periods.

The other prominent feature in the lateral file cabinets is the suspension system the steel ball bearings for rollers make the operating easy and convenient to use.

The manufacturing materials

The most common components to manufacture the lateral file cabinets are steel and wood. The common designs include a storage cabinet or office supplies cupboard above and filing drawers at the bottom case. The wood designs also offer two drawer cabinets which can act as printers, telephone stands and fax systems. These cabinets can also be installed on walls unlike the vertical file cabinets.

How to buy?

Before buying, inspect your workspace for the size and capacity you will require. You may want to settle for smaller cabinets if your room space is small.

The material which is used to cast the cabinet is also a major concern. Wood gives the workspace a homely look while metals are more durable. There is no threat of termites and metals are fire as well as waterproof.


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